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Kenosha Water Utility

Kenosha is the gateway to Wisconsin, located on the shores of Lake Michigan with a virtually unlimited supply of water. The Kenosha Water Utility provides water and wastewater service to more than 110,000 persons in the greater Kenosha Metropolitan area, including the City of Kenosha, Village of Pleasant Prairie, Village and Town of Somers and Village of Bristol. The Kenosha Water Utility also provides a monthly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Service for the City of Kenosha residents.

Our mission

“Providing and Protecting Kenosha's Greatest Natural Resource"

Since 1895, the Kenosha Water Utility has operated as a public utility. In that year, the Kenosha Common Council appointed a Board of Water Commissioners. The Board is composed of six alder persons appointed by the Mayor. The management and operation of the Kenosha Water Utility is under the direction of the General Manager. The General Manager is appointed by the Board of Water Commissioners.

The Kenosha Water Utility is a municipally-owned, fiscally independent public utility organized under authority of §66.068 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and Chapter XXXII of the City of Kenosha City Ordinances. It is solely financed by water and sewer service charges.

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Since 2008, KWU employees have been involved with Wisconsin Water for the World making annual trips to Guatemala to provide resources for safe drinking water to people in needy communities.

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